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Selenium Automation Best Practices In 2021

It has a straightforward syntax and is currently one of the most human-readable languages in the industry, with a wide variety of test frameworks. Your career path should now be clearer to you once you’ve chosen a specialization. Start by learning JavaScript, Python, or any other programming language that can be useful in the field of automation.

Is C# good for automation

The main reason behind automation is avoiding repetitive and mundane tasks. So, it makes sense to stick to the goals and know what kinds of tests you should automate. Earlier, practicing continuous integration and continuous delivery was something that was next to impossible. But with advanced levels of automation, application delivery is made friction-free with continuous integration/continuous delivery workflows. Along with this there is a tremendous increase in open source tooling that you can extend to fit your CI/CD needs. Python scripts can be run directly on the server, making deployment easy.

Real Time Web Testing

A simple online editor to write and execute C# code, Scriptcs is designed with simplicity in mind to avoid hindering your productivity with overly complex tools and solutions. This is a stunning 40% decrease from Ruby test automation usage last year. StackOverflow shows Ruby’s popularity down to 8.9% with professional developers and it appears Ruby is even less popular in the testing space. As per Stack Overflow Developer Survey , a whopping 73.1% voted for Python as the most-wanted programming language, indicating the popularity of the Python language. Same probably applies to Haskell, although I haven’t written that much code with it.

It is designed on the concepts of object-oriented programming. It is one of the most popular languages using the .NET framework. 67% of the respondents in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey consider C# to be the most loved programming language for test automation, web development, and more. C# as a programming language for test automation is well-suited for applications that are based on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. Many large corporations use Java to maintain their back-end systems.

Is C# good for automation

For example, invalid password, invalid username, blank username, invalid email, etc. So, when you automate this manual test, you can check different scenarios in a single go. If you’re running your Selenium test automation using our online Selenium Grid then you won’t have to worry about it.

Independent Tests

For these tech professionals, it’s more than simple user preference discrepancies. Using Visual Studio one can easily set up all configurations required for development and testing, write and run tests, and get instant results. This tool is quite easy Middle QA Automation Engineer C# job to set up and use, even for beginners. This is a very important aspect of a good and stable automation framework. If you want your tests to be reliable, avoid making one test depend on another i.e. create the test data for TestCase2 in TestCase1.

Once I had a knack of the language, test automation with SmashTest was like a joyride. The language is easy to understand, has human-readable steps, and powerful reporting features that make it an ideal language to learn if you want to dabble with test automation. The syntax of Python is easy to learn which makes it an ideal programming language even for beginners. Python is much more portable when compared to other programming languages. This website is excellent for people who want to automate mobile app testing. The open-source framework provides the perfect virtual environment for automated testing of iOS, Android, windows, and other operating systems.

However, unlike the Sleep, if the element is found before the time elapses, the test will continue normally. It also applies to all the web elements in the test script. This open-source framework is one of the most popular resources used for web browser automation.

Is C# good for automation

Supported test frameworks in C# include NUnit, MSTest and xUnit, making the integration with test management solutions a breeze. We can execute automated tests written in C# using the supported frameworks from our CI/CD pipelines or directly from the test plan. The test results can then be displayed in various dashboards without any custom code. There are a number of libraries for Python programming language, and these libraries ease the job of the developer as they help in performing actions without writing much code. In this article, look at a highlight of the top 7 programming languages to look out for for test automation in 2020. Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment from Microsoft.

C# Pad

Read on to discover the preferred language of an automation engineer. Automation is when a process is programmed to run on its own without human intervention. It saves time and improves productivity in various industries.

  • A free, standalone tool offered by JetBrains, dotPeek is based on ReSharper’s bundled decompiler that lets you decompile .NET assemblies into C#.
  • Sometimes, when you try to use automation tools without any human intervention, they can get stuck while recognizing complex objects on software or application.
  • The namespace to be used depends on the program requirement.
  • We provide classroom training, online & corporate trainings.
  • It’s also worth pointing out that some widely popular languages are not common in robotics.
  • Computer vision programmers will give a different answer from cognitive roboticists.

C# is a loved programming language that supports binding with Selenium, one of the best automation frameworks in the tech industry today. Install Visual Studio to create your Selenium C# automation framework, complete the setup, and start your automation. Sometimes, when you try to use automation tools without any human intervention, they can get stuck while recognizing complex objects on software or application.

Visual Studio Code is the most popular code editor for C# development. You can use Visual Studio Code with the C# extension for powerful editing, plus full support for C# IntelliSense and debugging. End-to-end testing can be challenging without the right toolset. Personally I’ve been using Python for test automation development on various projects and technology stacks for 3 years.

Best Programming & Scripting Languages For Devops Engineers

Provided by Microsoft, this is a great extension to quicken development with Visual Studio. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. I have not used Robot Framework myself, but I have heard about it. From the very little bit I have seen, it looks great for handling test data/inputs/variation. Personally, I prefer BDD over ATDD – though they are very similar, BDD is more business-oriented, whereas ATDD is more developer-oriented. Definitely check out my BDD posts if you are interested in it.

They may be useful, however, for some lower-level data testing. To build an automation framework one can choose the and Web development option. Quite often, Selenium needs to be used with C# and Visual Studio IDE together for a better-automated testing experience.

To choose the right programming language, you need to consider the type of project. For example, JavaScript is ideal for web automation testing. This means that it can be used to create maintainable test code. JavaScript is the first programming language you should learn for automation because of its application in web technologies. You do not need to install any fancy software for JavaScript automation as long as the open-source tools are already on your browser. The setup of this ideal programming language saves time and improves efficiency on laptop and desktop applications.

API tests determining whether a set of classes or functions are able to work together. It also ensures that you can pass data to and from different classes. GUI testing checks screens, controls, windows, dialog boxes, etc. All in all, it ensures that the entire system works well according to common use cases and user scenarios. It’s a good idea to invest significant time and effort into creating high-quality test data.


Another good practice is to take screenshots of the failed steps. This will help you better understand where and why the step failed, and also make debugging easier. Selenium has the method GetScreenshot() available, which takes screenshots of the entire webpage or a specific element. Include Selenium methods in your page object classes, not your test methods. Each web element can be declared as a private variable inside its class, and the methods should be public so they can be accessed from the test classes.

An open source decompiler based on Red Gate’s .NET Reflector, which was discontinued in 2011, Ilspy requires .NET Framework 4.0. A free, standalone tool offered by JetBrains, dotPeek is based on ReSharper’s bundled decompiler that lets you decompile .NET assemblies into C#. Make your C# code easier to read and fix common errors with Refactoring Essentials, a VS extension with built-in code converters for C# and VB.

Telerik Fiddler lets you execute code online and offers a range of functionality, including web debugging, web session manipulation, performance testing, security testing, and more. CodeMaid is an open source VS extension that can help you clean up and simplify code in a variety of supported languages in addition to C#. With Java and JavaScript accounting for 78% of usage combined, there’s not much market share left for the other languages. So, we see quite the jump with the 3rd place language, C#, being used by 8.8% of our users. Built In Los Angeles is the online community for Los Angeles startups and tech companies.

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